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Status: Back from Boston! In school so semi-active
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I've been nominated for bbuing_bbuingg's BOTW!! Vote for me here and check out this post for a promo!

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I was tagged by mykawaiisongbird ; - ; is this revenge I knew it xD

Post 5 facts about yourself and pass it on to ten followers! IF YOU READ THIS I TAG YOU MUAHAHAH

  • I LIKE TO USE CAPS IN CHATS?? I’m a monster, I know
  • I have an intense collection of hair bows I don’t know how to use..
  • I HATE feet. With a passion > . <
  • I feel like I scare a lot of people off?? is this even a fact I don’t know.. It’s late
  • I tried boba tea for the first time about three weeks ago o u o

If you read his I tag you so do ittttttttttt, plz xD

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Anonymous said: I didn't vote for you, I voted for someone else that isn't winning because it pisses me off that people like you win just because you have so many followers. Way better blogs don't even stand a chance because it's a fucking popularity contest.

If that’s your opinion that’s okay. But for the record I don’t have many followers, I just have friends who wanted to help me out. But sure, vote for the blog you think deserves to win, that’s the point! But I don’t see why you need to be mad at me.. Especially seeing this is my first nomination. 

But hey, thanks for your opinion and I hope you have a great day ^^

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hinatokki said: I voted for you again, cutie patootie! ~ <3 Hope you make it!! Hmm, how about a blograte? ^^

Thankyou so much omg ; - ; you’re the best! //hands red velvet cupcakes ♥

url: don’t get it | cool | amazing | perfect | asdfghjkl gimme it naow 

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overall: not my type | not bad | great | love it | perfection 

following: no but ilysm | now | of course | forever 

comments: I can’t complain??? It’s like perfection omg and your music is SO CUTTTEEEEEEEE ♥ bleh just gimme your blog already! Ill give you a lifetime supply of red velvet cake!


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This is my very first nomination, and it’s to be bbuing-bbuingg’s BOTW! > u <

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i dont even talk to ppl on tumblr but they care more about me than ppl i know

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My little brother has been entered in a contest for children with autism, it would mean the world to me if you could vote for him here

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